Die Studierendenvertretung der FachhochschülerInnen Finnlands solidarisiert sich


Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK is concerned about the current situation in Austrian universities. It has come to our attention that the higher education system in Austria is lacking funds and that students are lacking possibilities to participate in decision making concerning higher education. Democratic participation of students is affecting on both quality of higher education and social dimension of higher education.

European higher education area (EHEA) is as strong as its members. Quality of education and equal opportunity for everyone are the key elements that make the EHEA stronger and more attractive, also for students outside of Europe.

The global financial and economic crisis has also affected Finland. However at the moment our
government has only increased education funding instead of cutting it. SAMOK strongly believes that this is the right way to respond to the challenges of the crisis. In Finland we have many good ways in which students can influence decision making concerning higher education policies. When democracy is fully functioning there is no need for extreme measures.

SAMOK supports Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft (ÖH) in its struggle against low funding of education, tuition fees and stresses that funding of higher education needs to be restored to a proper level. SAMOK sees that it is also important to involve students in democratic decision making which concerns Higher Education. They are the real experts of the future.  SAMOK also reminds that tomorrow’s society is based on today’s education.