Solidaritätserklärung der UEA Fight Fees Campain

Dear University of Vienna occupiers,

We, the UEA Fight Fees campaign, wish to send you our solidarity! We were delighted to see that your occupation has grown so big and wish to follow in your foot steps over here!

Across the UK students are breaking with the National Union of Students (NUS) disorientated “Keep the Cap” campaign (which vaguely fights against rising costs of higher education, but ignores the fight for free education) and building their own grass-roots campaigns. The government is soon to announce the 2009 higher education review, which will almost definitely raise the costs of a higher education. On top of this we are prepared to see savage funding cuts, which will slash departments and degrees that are not deemed “profitable”.

Last years wave of occupations in support of Gaza saw a return to the student movement adopting direct action and protest, ending a long period of passivity amoungst British students. We are currently building our movement at UEA and are working very hard to draw in as many students as possible to the idea of active protest. While building at the local level is very important, we obviously wish to orientate towards other groups organising across the country and co-ordinate the fight against fees and cuts.

It is wonderful that the University of Vienna occupation has led to more across Austria. Hopefully your influence will spread over to the UK and we will see a similar wave this year! Keep up the good work!

UEA Fight Fees Campaign, University of East Anglia