Solidaritätsbekundung der Studenten der Katholischen Universität Temuco/Chile

To all Austrian students that protest,
to all the Students in Austria resisting!

We, the students of the Universidad Catolica of Temuco support you with assuring our solidarity!

Yesterday we also took the street in Temuco to continue our long struggle for more rights in insisting in the organisational part of our education + against financial and social barriers to study.

We think that education must be free unconditionally all over the world!

We believe devoutly that ONLY with free education a free society can be possible!

We adjure you not to give up till you have gained what you not just wish, but realize what is already yours – the RIGHT TO FREE AND EMANCIPATED, HIGH QUALITATY EDUCATION! Continue the struggle!

We’ll spread the news upon other universities in Latin America and befriended organisations.


28.10.2009, Temuco CHILE