Solidaritätserklärung der Youth of Synaspismos, Griechenland


The students in Austria are for many days now in protests against the educational reform promoted by the center-right government. Neoliberal reforms that are being promoted have as objective the privatization of higher education in the country and the creation of higher education institutions of different speeds. The first neoliberal steps at the Austrian Education include the change in financial support for students, fee increases and the introduction of new criteria to the admission to universities.

The Struggle Committee in the largest universities in the country, as in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck, have objected the prospect that the European Treaty of Bologna follows. The students through massive general assemblies decide to occupy their schools, the Academy of Arts and parts of the University of Vienna under the control of students, despite efforts of police intervention.

The Youth of Synaspismos stands in solidarity with the struggle of the students of Austria. Their fight is directly affecting us, as the neoliberal European Treaty of Bologna which sells out the right to education requires a European answer and common struggles. We salute the comrades of the Austrian Communist Party leading their action in this direction.

With the experience of winning struggles in previous years in Greece against the revision of Article 16 of the constitution we will fight with the youth of Austria and Europe against future that neoliberal governments are planning and shaping within the European Union. Against the future of precariousness, of unemployment and educational deprivation.

The International Committee of Neolaia Synaspismou