Democratic Student’s Association solidarisiert sich

We, the Polish students gathered in Democratic Students‘ Association, express our solidarity with the protests taking place in universities across whole Austria. We support students occupying their univeristies in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck.

The struggle for free, democratic and emancipating education for all, that you are holding now, is the same struggle for students from all over the world. The process of privatisation and commercialisation of higher education – the integral part and effect of neoliberal policies – is already greatly advanced in our country. From backing the public transport allowance for students, to limiting access to second faculty and finally implementing the Bologna Process reforms – Polish governments of the last few years did everything they could do to steadily strip Polish students of their rights and privileges.Our struggle must be held not only locally but also globally if we want to overcome the neoliberal trends in higher education.

Democratic Students‘ Association declares its support in spreading the word about demands of International Student Movement, events during Global Week of Action and protests in Austria and every other country.

National Secretariat
of Democratic Students‘ Association