Solidarity from Istanbul

Hi friends!

We support your riot and occupation in Austria. We are students too and face similar problems with you, just like other students all around the world.

We, Istanbul Technical University Architecture Faculty students, performed a theatre play called “accidentally death of an anarchist” (Dario Fo) in the school corridor. It’s corridor because there is no stage designed for cultural activities in the campus. For several years, we force them to build a stage for us. Of course, this is only one of our problems in school. For this reason, we protested school management by performing this play in the corridor. As you will see the photographs on the attachment, we hail and clap our hands for your resistance through a pancart at the end of the play with 200 people.

Nobody cares students! Everything means money! And we now want to say “ENOUGH!” … We will save our rights and fight for freedom!

Your resistance gives us strength!

Universities belong to students!

In solidarity,

Istanbul Technical University Students