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  1. This is going to be a global movement. It’s spreading but I’m wondering why all our reports/tweets/messages here and everywhere else are written in German? That’s quite useless!

    We should think about broadcasting all discussions, reports and messages in english to support the spreading-process!

    It would also be useful to hold some of the program in the occupied lecture halls in english! But that’s not as importent as the communication via the Internet!

  2. I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets speak english as often as possible!!!!!! bLETS SPEAK AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE; WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. An independent platform for groups and activists around the world struggling against the increasing privatisation and commercialisation of public education and for Free and Emancipatory education already exists: the „International Student Movement“.

    Website: http://emancipating-education-for-all.org
    Forum: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171817342228
    Verteiler: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/international_students_movement
    Regelmäßige internationale Chat-Treffen [werden über den Verteiler angekündigt]

    70 groups in 30 countries are currently calling for the „Education is NOT for $A£€ – Global Week of Action“ next week:


    ~ One World – One Struggle; Education is NOT for $A£€ ~

    In Solidarity from Marburg [Germany],

  4. This website is also available in english, french, spanish and italian. I think it’s difficult to organize projects in Austria in english because we also want to reach people from outside the universities who don’t speak english. For international conversations and world-wide network it’s indispensable talk in english, but I think we do. I think the most important thing is that there flame up national protests in all the different countries and later connect them to a european- or world-wide protest.

  5. It would be the best way to lead every discussion on english but it would have the effect that we build conversation barriers!
    I propose that we use translators who make a connection between the countries and publish the individual problems in special plena.

  6. I agree with Hanna. To reach the regional population of each country joining in the protests, we have to keep the major part of the online discussions and platforms in the local language. But what we could do is establish a supranational website for the global students‘ protests as soon as we’ve got enough networking and contacts developed to organise that….

  7. Edit:
    Supranational websites yes, but only as communication platforms for discussing and organizing international protests and actions. The local platforms should not lose too much attention and ressources from it, because they are important to stay connected to non-academic parts of local societies.

  8. @hanna: have you once visited this site in english? I do so this exact moment, and on the Uni Vienna section everything i can read is: „Sorry this posting is only available in German“

    I don’t think that everything should be in english. Print Media should be in local language. But the Web is a global resource. We don’t have the ressources to write every artikle and every review in three languages! I just think it would ease the process of spreading what is happening here and that this would spread courage to do something. It’s no coincident that the first actions in other countries happen in Germany where the barrier of language doesn’t exist!

  9. Hey guys!
    I am a student of the University of Vienna, but I am in Canada at the moment! A lot of people here would be interessted in the movement, but as already said, everything is in German. I would really appreciate if u could post the main parts into English, so we can spread the message quicker and more easily!
    Take care!

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